We’ll either find a way, or make one 🙂

I woke up with a new goal. I wake up with new goals everyday, but don’t we all? Whether new in that it is very new or it was yesterday’s then transferred to today. But this was very new. To smile and laugh each opportunity i get. You’re Crazy, She’s Crazy,they said.What does crazy really mean? This was back in the year 2016, ha! I smiled a lot back then, like alooot. Being the ball of energy I always am around people did not help matters. If the day was sad, I would smile internally.The brain works in mysterious ways. As I was reflecting back on this smiling phase i got to understand happiness comes from a place of peace within self. Being at peace with what you are, who you are and what you are not and who you are not. Being at peace with being flawed, accepting that external forces affect you in one way or another and embracing the effects as you. Before being at peace with anything, we are however faced with the uphill task of understanding ourselves, or not and being okay with all we find or lack.For instance let me use myself as an example. I am a people person, yet can be very introverted and quite reserved.I did not really get this until recently. At some point I thought I had a personality disorder of some sorts, one week around familiar people I would be very loud and the next week in a new environment, I will have spoken to three people utmost for all the days in that week. I would say stuff and do stuff at the most inappropriate times and to the wrong people, nothing personal though.I still do, but at advanced and more wise levels. What got to me was that I was okay with all this. Now, am not just okay with it but am very fine thank you. I know my current limits, what makes me tick or untick. I am still learning and I manage to shock myself every single day, like literally. My relationships have turned out better as I give all I can to the people I treasure. Do I still smile as much? Ha-ha, yes, but 99% is done internally. I am told I have a serious face, but once i start yapping, there’s no correlation. Cartoon much? Definitely. I am more me. Do I understand who or what I am and who or what I am not? Not always. But am good with that too. Life is too important to take seriously anyway.

What of you, do you smile much? Or rather, What Say You?

Published by Wanja

Direct descendant of awesomeness🤗. Words heal, words also break, using them to get smiles and all😇

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